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Online Membership Management Technology

Our online membership management technology enables you to collect membership fees online and keep a track of all the members. The system deploys an automated email method to keep the members updated about their membership renewal.

Membership Management Online Key Features

  • Setting a renewal date and allowing pro-rata payments
  • Collection of joining fees and merchandise sales
  • Automatic renewal reminder emails
  • Discount for multiple members
  • Discount for extended time or early bird payment and /or renewal
  • Discounting and options for certain types of payment.
  • Discount on payment options by using credit card and payroll etc.
  • Limit the number of members for exclusive members
  • Membership types (eg Open, Mens, Womens, Seniors, Juniors)
  • Limit total membership numbers
  • Last date for payment and/or renewal
  • Membership Terms and Conditions
  • Uploading existing members
  • Numerous Reports

Benefits of managing membership online:

  • Ability to track previous invoices and current payment
  • Sends reminders for membership renewal
  • Manage member's information and reports
  • Round-the-clock access to profile information